Agola talk at the CNCF Kubernetes Milan Meetup

Agola talk at the CNCF Kubernetes Milan Meetup We gave a talk about Agola at the CNCF Kubernetes Milan meetup For everyone interested you can find the slides in pdf format here

Introducing Agola: CI/CD redefined

Introducing Agola: CI/CD redefined There’re many CI/CD tools outside, some of them are available only as SaaS (and many are free for Open Source projects but some of them are closed source), others are open source and you can install them wherever you want. So: why another CI/CD tool? At Sorint.lab we used many different CI/CD tools for years, our Open Source projects usually use free SaaS tools, internally and from our customer we used Open Source tools installed on premise.

An introduction to stolon: cloud native PostgreSQL high availability

At sorintlab, in the old days and with customers with “old school” infrastructures we had different ways to make an high available PostgreSQL. We used heartbeat, heartbeat+crm, rhcs, coreosync+pacemaker with a shared storage and a correctly (!!!) configured fencing/stonith. When moving our infrastructures and customers to cloud based infrastructures (being it a private or a public one), the way to design the infrastructures drastically (and fortunately) changed. Finally our customers were forced to think about the various parts of the infrastructure like something that can break in every moment and that’s also ephemeral.