Open-source is a great opportunity to solve the gap between the legacy and digital world because has itself the answer to semplify the complexity, and this is the service we want to provide to our clients.

Sorint.OSS is your partner in managing open-source software, helping you to success in your open-source projects, implementation and integration, driving the adapting of the most innovative technologies and methodologies available. We sharing open-source values of transparency, coding, contributing and community with our passion and openess.


Sorint.OSS methodology and approach:

Our Company

Sorint.OSS is part of Sorint.Lab group, a global IT company leader in Digital Transformation and System Integrator with 30 years of experience and 700+ employees and offices in Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, France and USA. Sorint.OSS provides 24x7 support to 400+ Open Source Software and Application Modernization Services, supply continuous improvement for our customer’s IT infrastructure and training team to path to innovation. With 1000+ certifications we are expert partner in Agile methodology, DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud Adoption, Modern Application Development, Application Modernization, Next Generation IT Operations and Site Reliability Engineering.